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Inspiring Change: Vuyelva Mpongoshe

Vuyelva Mpongoshe

I think it is time to end violence against women. It's time to end hunger and poverty, we need to empower all women. Women should get access to education, training, science and technology.

We should have equal rights and the same opportunities as men. Men and women should unite to end violence against women and girls, women should have the right to make decisions at work or in a relationship. Women should be able to plan for the future.

I remember the time my mother was suffering in silence because she didn't know anything about her rights or where to go for help. This was in Africa where there are no facilities to help people to fight for their rights.

This women’s day makes me to remember the time there was a shame in my family. My father was a farm worker for years, one day the owner of the farm accused my father of stealing his goods and he was arrested. The same day, the farmer told our mother to leave his farm. When our mother asked him where she should go at this time with seven children and all of her belongings he told my mother that it was not his business and that he wanted to put someone new in our house that same night.

We spent our night on the street without food and drink. My mother’s last born was 8 months, we couldn't even help our mother because we were still too young. I think I was 12 years old girl. Our mother was full of tears and sadness in her face but, she had to be strong for us.

I grew up thinking about what happened to my family and have asked myself where was the humanity? Where was the humanity for the woman with seven children? To be thrown out by the farmer at that time of the night, to have to sleep on the street with seven children. How on earth could people destroy other people's lives like that? No one was born to suffer like the way our mother was suffering.

I hope for changes because things like that are still happening. Enough is enough.

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