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Guest Blog: Multi-voice theatrical poetry

Hi All, I write a lot of multi-cultural human rights pieces. I would like to tell you something about my recent Gig with CV2 at the Centre for Contemporary Arts in Glasgow. I also enclose a piece about the Gig that we gave out on the night. It was a multi-voice show but that still means that about half of the pieces were not multi-voice (I like a mix of pieces). One week before the Gig, one of the actors pulled out and we had to re-rehearse everything at the last minute. The actors who did perform (names below) did so without Funding. They performed for the love of the form. And I am very grateful to them!

I have spent months contacting Poetry bodies and Theatres and Creative Arts Funding bodies to obtain Funding for multi-voice. Got nowhere. So I am trying to find a Producer who may be better at this Fundraising thing than I am. Without Funding you cannot hire rehearsal rooms, hire a Theatre Stage, and pay actors and poets for e.g. thirty hours of rehearsal. Multi-voice is as good as any other type of Theatre but has the same requirement for proper rehearsals. One of my articles about Multi-voice (a beginners Guide to MV) is on: Multi-Voice Poems by Ashby McGowan There is another more detailed article in the current Issue of Infinity’s Kitchen experimental magazine. Please see the video we put on You Tube and try out the style I use-it is very different from some of the multi-voice on websites. Now is the time for you to give MV a try! Cheers Ashby McGowan

Poems for Peace

Bit below about the Gig that we gave out to the audience on the night.

Chromatic Voices 2 at Seeds of Thought, The CCA, 350 Sauchiehall St Glasgow G2 3JD, Glasgow Saturday the 5th of October, 2013, at 9pm.

CHROMATIC VOICES 2 is a Multi-Voice Poetry and Theatre Group which is based in Glasgow but is looking to help set up groups with similar aims around the U.K. At the moment, the performance pieces to be used are by Ashby McGowan. His multi-voice work has featured on National Radio; at the Scottish Parliament; at numerous Human Rights shows, and is featured in the current issue of the experimental poetry magazine, Infinity’s Kitchen. However, eventually pieces will be written by all members of the group. The group is just starting out and this is an exciting opportunity for any poet or actor wanting to try out totally new ground. The particular type of multi-voice poetry that we do is, as far as we know, unique. Up to six Poets and Actors may be reading at the same time-their voices enhancing or acting against the other voices in the Group. The effect varies from Cacophony to sublime Harmony. These effects allow the Group to dramatise what is happening in the Poem-it is much more than just nice sound effects. Our shows will be very theatrical and contemporary. Tonight’s work is called Poems Against War. Because the pieces are complicated, one of the poetic works is read through twice. Two poems were written for Amnesty and were previously performed at the Scottish Parliament. The United Nations poem was written for and used by the United Nations. It uses the words from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-but they are turned into poetry. The U.N. have praised this poem. In our work Road Block, the Radio Announcer speaks the exact words (translated from French and Kinyarwanda) used by two Radio Stations in Rwanda in 1994. These evil words helped cause 800,000 deaths. The chant “Pawa” means Power and, in this context, Hutu Power. It was a chant used by the Militias. The cast of CV2 changes but for tonight’s show will be: Iwona Glowinska – Denton, Maria Jones, Piotr Antek Kurjata, Ashby McGowan, and Robert Przekwas. The Director is: Iwona Glowinska – Denton

Enjoy the show!