Meet the Board


Ms. Sandra Deslandes-Clark (Chair)

Ms. Deslandes-Clark is the lead officer for Semperscotland, Scotland’s equivalent of the National Black Police Association.

Ms. Parveen Khan (Vice Chair)

Ms. Khan has worked in equality policy and community engagement, including for the NHS and at a Scottish charity addressing BME families and child sexual abuse, radicalisation, honour-based violence and FGM issues.

Professor Colin Clark

Dr. Clark is a Professor of Sociology and Social Policy at the University of West of Scotland. He is also a board member of Friends of Romano Lav.

Mr. Daniel Gunn

Mr. Gunn is an employment lawyer. He was previously employed at the NHS Central Legal Unit and before that at Burness Paull LLP, a law firm specialising in charity law.

Ms. Pramila Kaur

Ms. Kaur is a lawyer specialising in immigration and asylum issues.

Mr. Colin Lee

Mr. Lee is the Chief Executive of CEMVO Scotland.

Ms. Eleanor McKnight

Ms. McKnight is CEO of Multi-Cultural Family Base, an Edinburgh based community social work organisation.  She was previously head of the Scottish National Resource Centre for Ethnic Minority Health.