Covid-19: BME Community Needs in Glasgow

To enable transparent and effective sharing of potentially sensitive information, please only share this page with others if they require the information to address needs through their work. Please do not publicise widely, share on social media or through newsletters. This page is hidden and can only be accessed by using the URL:

This page provides a live log of needs identified by BME community organisations in Glasgow, for use by Glasgow Community Planning Partners and others providing Covid-19 related support in the area.


Content reflects emerging intelligence from grassroots organisations, media and other sources. Whilst CRER will try to verify information where possible, accuracy may not be guaranteed in all instances. The content is specifically relevant to Glasgow and does not include national information which may not be relevant here. In particular, it does not include research findings from England, Wales and Northern Ireland which cannot be robustly applied in Scotland.

'Actions update' reflects information received from public sector partners on actions being taken to mitigate the issues identified. To ensure the information here remains focussed on BME communities, this will focus on targeted activitiy and will not include generic activity unless the specific impact on BME communities can be identified.

The log is updated as soon as possible when new information is received during office hours only. To submit information or ask questions, contact Carol Young, Senior Policy Officer, CRER: