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November 14, 2019

Day One 

I was really looking forward to the time I was going to spend with MSP Fulton MacGregor and his team. I was invited to the Scottish Parliament by Fulton at around mid-day on the first day of my shadowing programme. My energy levels were very high, and I was really excited to meet Fulton and his team.

I was welcomed by the very lovely Elaine (from Fulton’s team) and Niamh (who was interning with the team at that time). Niamh and Elaine accompanied me to Fulton’s office...

May 21, 2019

Day One

23rd April 2019

The first day of shadowing was started officially at 10:00am in the lobby of Scottish Parliament, awaiting to be collected by Jackie Baillie’s assistant and parliamentary researcher Shonagh. I was pretty nervous seeing as I was running late after 3 trains to Edinburgh had been cancelled, but it ended up be very fitting as I was later to write a press release on behalf of my MSP about ScotRail’s poor services.

Luckily my first day was also the first day o...

May 13, 2019

Day One 

My day started at midday which meant I had a whole morning filled with anticipation about the day ahead. I wasn’t nervous, having had the chance to meet Anas a couple of weeks earlier when visiting Scottish Parliament with CRER, but I was very excited.

The first thing I had to do was make sure that I actually found my way to the constituent office – I am notorious for my terrible sense of direction – and always like to be early, time keeping is everything. By quarter p...

May 9, 2019

Day One

The First Day Working With Alex Rowley MSP: Meeting Alex Rowley in Scottish Parliament – 2019/04/23

This was the first day of my Political Shadowing Scheme and I was appointed to work with Labour MSP Alex Rowley. Overall he is an absolutely nice person, easy to approach, easy to talk to and communicate with. In the following paragraph, I will talk about what I have learnt through the day.

On that day, Alex and I had an in-depth conversation about the society and globali...

April 15, 2019

Day One

My first day of shadowing took place in an area of my MSP, Iain Gray’s constituency as there is currently a by-election taking place for the replacement of one local councillor seat after the previous councillor resigned. Therefore, I took part in campaigning activities that included leafleting for a local village, overseeing the filming of promotional material, and door knocking to gage support for the Labour councillor candidate.

This day of shadowing altered and con...

August 14, 2018

Day One

The first week shadowing Jackie Baillie MSP involved working in her constituency office from 9:00am to 4:30pm. The main purpose of the office is be close to the constituents and provide them with an opportunity to raise any issues that they had that was relevant to the MSPs.

Confidentiality was paramount when dealing with different people who came in and therefore I was not privy to some of the issues. However, observation demonstrated that the issues raised by the cons...

July 25, 2018


The opportunity to shadow a serving MSP has been something that was an eye-opener for myself and completing this internship gave me an insight into the inner workings of the Scottish Conservative and Unionist Party in the higher echelons of Scottish politics. This short blog serves to detail the learning over the course of my internship.

Day One

I worked closely with Sophie Castle, Parliamentary Researcher for Annie Wells MSP, as well as Ewan McQueen. On the first day...

June 26, 2018

Day One

After arriving at Anas Sarwar’s constituency office in Glasgow, I got a tour of the office (which he shares with another MSP) and met the staff. I quickly started working on case files for the Breast Cancer Now Campaign, which aims introduce perjeta into the NHS in Scotland. Soon after I started engaging with and replying to constituents. This allowed me to gain a real insight of how politics works on a daily basis and how an impact is made on specific individuals but...

June 15, 2018

Day One

It was 7:30 am when an excitement grew inside me and made me jump from the bed. What was so thrilling? The answer was that it was my first day of shadowing. First day anywhere is exciting, and I would be lying to say I wasn't nervous. I ran to the washroom, took a bath, and soon was already with my professional dress.  I was keen to make a first good impression by arriving on time, as punctuality always counts. 

Mr. Peter McDade came down to pick me from the recept...

June 14, 2018

Day one

My first day of shadowing at Bob Doris (MSP for Springburn and Maryhill) started at 9.30 when I arrived at the constituency which is located at Maryhill Burgh Halls. I couldn’t start earlier as Bob had a meeting with a family to discuss about some issues that were sensitive and of course would have been heavy for a first time shadowing. The first 30 minutes were the introductory bit where I got to introduce myself and know all the members of the team. As a first impres...

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