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September 7, 2015

"So, I think it's got a lot to do with racism. I think if these people were white, European… that [they] were coming from some dictatorship in Bosnia or somewhere… I think we would feel quite differently about it.” – Emma Thompson, BBC Newsnight, 02-09-15

​Choosing her words rather carefully, the actress Emma Thompson eloquently summarised what is surely a glaring truth regarding the current situation across the Mediterranean - this is as much a crisis of racism as it is a c...

August 13, 2013

Following a legal challenge brought forward by solicitors, Deighton Pierce Glynn, on behalf of two clients of the Refugee and Migrant Forum of East London the Westminister Government has 'confirmed that if any further campaigns of a similar nature are planned, they would carry out a consultation with local authorities and community groups.'

The legal challenge against the 'Go Home' vans pilot was brought on the basis that the initiative failed to comply with the public sector...

July 29, 2013

On 17 May 2012, the Daily Mail hailed the fact that 100,000 calls had been made reporting ‘illegal’ immigrants (one call every 6 minutes) to the UK’s National Allegations Database, despite the system not being publicly launched until 30 September 2012. Conveniently forgotten has been the fact that less than 3% of allegations led to arrest.

These Government campaigns urging citizens to report neighbours and work colleagues as illegal immigrants and the latest campaign to “go...

April 8, 2013

British antipathy towards immigration is not a new thing. It is often linked with painting a picture of immigrants as benefit scroungers, burdening the British welfare state and stealing the UK-nationals’ jobs without giving anything back to the system. Some immigrant populations have even been criticised for working too hard. Yes, you read that correctly. Amidst the contradictions listed above, a new wave of anti-immigration recently surfaced with even Prime Minister David C...

February 18, 2013

Last Friday saw the Herald newspaper run a story headlined “Claim universities swamped with non-Scottish staff” based upon an article in the Scottish Review by Professor Alf Baird from Edinburgh Napier University.

The use of this type of inflammatory language is usually consigned to right wing racists so it was worrying indeed to read a Scottish Academic talk so freely about ‘swamping’ by non-Scots and of Scottish Institutions being ‘overrun’.

Professor Baird asserts “Over the...

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