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A hundred years ago today, on the 23rd January 1919, in the yard of the mercantile marine office in James Watt Street, a race riot erupted in Glasgow.  While waiting to be hired, Black and white sailors clashed and a pitched battle broke out. As the Black sailors ran down the Broomielaw, they were pursued by a white mob which swelled to hundreds. Rioters used guns, knives, batons and makeshift weapons including stones and bricks picked from the street. Three people were serio...

June 12, 2013

"The Movement today for freedom cannot be pushed back anymore than a tidal wave can be pushed back by hand. That which seeks to destroy the freedom of Man, seeks to destroy the soul of Man."

Medgar Evers, May 31, 1959

12th June 2013 marks 50 years since civil rights leader, Medgar Evers was assassinated. Less well known here in the UK than his native US he left an inspiring legacy of action against segregation.

Born in 1925, Medgar Wiley Evers grew up in a Mississippi farmin...

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