About CRER

CRER Mission and Objectives

The Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights works to eliminate racial discrimination and harassment and to promote racial justice across Scotland.


Our key mission is to:

  • Protect, enhance and promote the rights of Black/minority ethnic communities across all areas of life in Scotland; and

  • Strengthen the social, economic and political capital of Black/minority ethnic communities, especially those at greatest risk of disadvantage.

We do this by working to four key objectives:

  • Engaging with Public Sector organisations - helping to ensure that public bodies in Scotland effectively mainstream race and other areas of equality and human rights in all aspects of their policy development, strategic planning, employment and service provision functions.

  • Advocating for race equality and human rights - engaging with and influencing the local, national and wider agendas that impact upon race and other equality and human rights issues, including through evidence based policy, research and sharing good practice.

  • Working with Black/minority ethnic communities to secure and enjoy their rights across all areas of life - promoting their voices and aspirations across Scotland.

  • Promoting race and rights education in the wider community - undertaking a range of activities (including training as appropriate) and enlisting widespread public support for anti-racism, community cohesion and the protection of human rights.

CRER takes a rights-based approach, promoting relevant international, regional, and national human rights and equality conventions and legislation.


While CRER does not engage in fundraising activities, if you are interested in supporting the work of CRER financially, you can donate to the organisation using the PayPal link below.